Additional Services

Expatriate Services

Are you moving abroad?
We understand that the transition can often be stressful and costly. As a result, we have a dedicated department for expatriates. If you are looking to reside elsewhere in the world we have a trusted team that can look after you through your journey.
We provide end to end solutions that ensure your belongings are transported safely and correctly. With distribution links across the globe we can arrange transportation in line with your specific requirements.
For more information regarding our expatriate services please contact us.

Student Discount

Going to university is a life changing event and it can prove to be a demanding transition. We understand that studying abroad can be costly. Consequently, we offer 10% discount to students shipping their cargo across the globe.

It's our aim to ensure that your cargo is transported in a stress free manner and at a low cost. For more information regarding our student packages please contact us.
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